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Fresher Pasta & Noodles

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Whole Soy

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Desserts & Dips

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Convenience Legumes & Pulses

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Convenience Grains

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Breakfast Cereals

Barley Flakes

Novel hot or cold breakfast cereal and bakery products with uses analogous to oat flakes but with higher fibre. Lower cost of processing, enhanced nutritional quality, extreme convenience and versatility in usage.

Whole Crisp Grains

Natural integral whole grains, which have been transformed into crisp, highly expanded individual real Crisp Grains. They retain their ‘grain-identity’ and their natural whole-grain fibre and vital nutritional components.

Big Boy Flakes

Great tasting, fun eating & good-for-you breakfast cereal or sweet or savoury snacks made from whole grains and are light and crispy, expanded chunky flakes of many sizes having substantial appeal.

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Fresher Sauces

Fresh Salsa & Dips

Prepared pungent pestos, salsas, dips and sauces ready to use straight from the freezer.

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Fresh Pasta & Noodles

Fresh pasta & noodles

Quick-cooking real fresh egg (or no egg) pastas and Asian style wheat, soba (buckwheat), barley, soy & rice noodles. Uniquely, these pasta and noodle products can be filled and have an extended shelf life under refrigeration of greater than six (6) months.

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Shelf Stable Spreads

honey jelly

Innovative syrup-derived products which do not dribble when spooned or spread, and which “stay-put” when spread on hot toast, muffins, and bakery products. These SYRUP JELLIES contain no chemical additives.


A new approach to creating strong tasting and pungent, savoury spreads with longer shelf life and great consumer appeal.

nut-free butters

Shelf Stable Creams and Spreads offer great versatility in flavour, convenience, health and safety for the spreads, fillings and snacks markets plus nut-free options.

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Whole Soy

Savoury Snacks & Nuts

A delicious healthy eat out of hand snack or breakfast cereal with all the natural benefits of soy and all the flavour your imagination has to offer.

SoyCurd Yogurts

A complete range of nutritious foods with a truly wholesome and healthy story. Delicious dairy-free curds, mousses and drinks and great for a healthy heart.


An egg alternative that is not only good for you but tastes just like the real thing!

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Dessers & Dips

Frostina™ sweet products

Byron’s Frostina™ technology comprises a versatile range of prepare at home ready-to-eat chilled and frozen products in sweet formats, which remove the mystery and hassle of making aerated ice cream and mousses like preparations for the consumer.

Frostina™ savoury products

Byron’s Frostina™ technology comprises a versatile range of prepare at home ready-to-eat chilled products savoury formats, which remove the mystery and hassle of making aerated savoury mousses, dips and spread like preparations for the consumer.

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Fruits Juice

Innovative Juices containing 100% real fruit pieces that deliver fresher flavours, colours and textures plus two pieces of fruit per serve.

Nonfreeze – Fruit

Naturally processed fruit snacks and ingredients with fresh fruit integrity of texture, flavour and colour from a technology successfully addresses many negative aspects of dehydrated, canned and frozen fruit products. These products are 100% natural with no added sugar or preservatives

High Moisture Shelf Stable

Novel technology for the production of preservative-free shelf-stable very high moisture fruits. The resultant fruits snacks have flavours, aromas, colours, and textures closer to fresh fruit.


Innovative, shelf-stable water-activity-controlled real fruit products. SoftFruits™ have important applications to the dry breakfast cereal, baking, snacking and confectionery industries.

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Herbs & Spices

Flavour Fresh Dry

Dried Herbs and Spice technology creates fully dehydrated shelf stable herbs and spices, which re-hydrate instantly for immediate flavour and colour impact.

Nonfreeze – Herbs & Spices

A range of frozen or chilled fresh herbs and spices with superior colour, flavour and texture with consumer convenience.

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Fat-Free Crisp

A range of controlled-fat real potato chips (crisps). This natural process allows for the production of potato chips with either no added fat or as little as one desires – without frying at all, resulting in a natural tender light texture, a ‘truer’ potato flavour and may be flavoured as usual.

Pronto Cook Dry

Real potato slices, potato dice, potato shreds that are shelf stable and cook in a fraction of the time of conventional dehydrated potato pieces. Thus great flavoured potato dishes for the consumer are truly more convenient, taste better and have a more natural cooked potato texture.

Quick Chips

A novel potato product with an enormous market potential – they produce fresh fried chips (crisps) on demand that are always fresh- just fry for 30 seconds!

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Flavour Fresh

Shelf-stable Quick-Cooking Vegetables and Instant Cook Vegetables from technology resulting in superior texture, enhanced shelf stability, fresh flavour, colour and aroma in a dry format, as well as faster cooking and hydration times and a more economical process than existing regular dried vegetables.

Nonfreeze – Vegetables

The next revolution in frozen foods where fresher textures are achieved with all types of vegetables. Superior to frozen and closer to prepared fresh vegetables. Safer, more convenient, nutritious and economical.

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Convenience Legumes & Pulses

Easi-Cook & Instant

A dry legumes and pulses innovation that provides a healthier way to enjoy nutritious & natural eat-out-of-hand snacks. Beans, lentils, peas etc. that are gently processed to remove the need for pre-soaking or extended cooking times by the consumer. Ready to eat in 3-15 minutes.


Hummus & refried beans, dhal etc., are perfect for Food Service, Industrial or Home use in shelf stable dry soup mixes (instant, 5 minute and 10 minute), inclusion in ready meals (with quick cook rice, meats & vegetables) or as powders for instant party dips, fritters, soups and as thickeners.


Any legume directly from the freezer- simply bring them to serving temperature. Economical manufacture, high quality and ultra-convenience products for the consumer.

Whole Crisp Snacks

An innovation that provides a healthier way to enjoy nutritious & natural eat-out-of-hand snacks. They are light, crispy whole legumes. Incorporate easily into muesli bars, trail mixes and other snack mixes. A little oil and salt may be added or they may be flavoured in a multitude of ways. Non-allergenic.

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Convenience Grains

Grain Juices

Beverages feature a brand new and innovative product concept of superior grain based nutrition with real convenience for consumers

Quick Cook WHolegrains

Whole integral grains that have been gently processed by methods to produce a range of whole-grain convenience low GI, high fibre foods.

Quick Cook Rice

Superior eating quality rice products made by an extremely economical and efficient process.


TenderGrains™ TenderGrains A range of processed whole or kibbled whole grains, seeds and legumes for direct addition to dough in the baking of whole grain breads, cakes and sponges as well as in ready to eat granola bars.


EBBA™ EasyBake Bread Product technology is a new force in the convenience bread bakery category. EBBA™ bakery systems allow consumers to create at home freshly baked artisan breads ultra-fast & conveniently from a hassle-free kit. Allows gluten-free and Yeast-free options.

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