How We Work

Creating the technologies behind the brands

Byron researches and develops innovative solutions to food processing and manufacturing problems. Byron then licences the Technologies to Clients all over the world for Manufacture and Marketing. Forming a Strategic Partnership with our Clients allows Byron to continually assist Clients in commercialisation of its products and technologies. This enables companies to bring new products to the market smoothly and speedily with reduced risks.

With an impressive portfolio of successful scale-up and full manufacturing success stories with Byron food technologies around the world, Byron continues actively to place its new and existing processes and products into production with Licensees. Patents or patent applications apply to almost all of Byron’s technologies and products and a high level of importance in placed on patent protection and maintenance.

Many companies consider and use Byron as an outsource R&D facility developing private innovation work. This not only lowers the risk of R&D but allows Clients to keep internal R&D costs down, increases the creativity around the problem, and allows the Client to concentrate caon its core business whether that be manufacturing or marketing.

Product design

Our team of experienced food scientists apply their tailored knowledge of ingredient functionality and interactions   to selected raw ingredients in the conceptual development of the product, product safety, and its to-market packaging.

Meeting consumer needs

Byron’s team incorporates market trends, and the consumer’s desire for wholesome convenient food at an affordable price into a creative approach resulting in novel products.


Our lab to kitchen to pilot scale, with scale-up advice, factory trial support, and technical expertise in production, specifications, formulations will ensure a smooth transition from lab to production.

Process design

Our process development aims to maximise energy efficiency by evaluating equipment and operations requirements, while also appraising whole food retention and performing a by-product assessment.

Intellectual property

Confirm market leadership as industry innovators with our experienced team and a proven R&D record offering efficient low-risk solutions and intellectual property management, strategy, and protection.


We conduct shelf life and stability studies on consumer-ready products and offer accelerated protocols, claims-ready information, trouble shooting,  and quality control advice.